Create a Better Team Building Event…

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Create a Better Team Building Event… with Hands on Cooking

Encourage Camaraderie

Preparing a meal and eating together can create the spirit of family amongst your team. During the experience, the members of your group will open up with one another, they’ll establish new connections, and ultimately will learn more about each other, which translates into stronger bonds and more productivity at work.

Build Leadership Skills

There may be an organizational hierarchy at your organization that separates management from the masses…and what happens in the team-building kitchen is no different. There are members of your group who are very skilled in cooking, and then there are some who are completely intimidated by the prospect of it. Often, leadership roles are reversed during the event, which provides a unique opportunity for someone in your organization who is not normally in a leadership position to take the reigns and to coach others.

Heighten Motivation

While it is important to regularly create an environment where your group can learn more about working together, it is just as important to provide opportunities for fun. Sometimes, people just need a change of pace to bring back their spark, and cooking as a group is an effective way to provide this. Your group will come back from a team-building event in the kitchen with a new perspective of one another and a renewed sense of commitment to the team.

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