Life Skills

Really Cooking with Robin believes that individuals with an autism spectrum disorder deserve the same life-enriching opportunities as their typically developing peers.

Our cooking school is committed to providing a program experience for all children and young adults on the autism spectrum.  We adapt our teaching and put the necessary supports in place to meet the individualized needs of each student.

Through cooking activities, we strive to stimulate the development of our students’ physical and social abilities – helping them to achieve personal growth while meeting their unique sensory, communication, and behavioral needs.

We offer a clean, safe and friendly environment with a serious emphasis on practicing safety at all times.

We are committed to supporting our students and will work closely with their parents and school, (for our sample IEP click the IEP button) to secure a contract for their Life Skills Cooking Classes.Sample IEP For Life Skills Classes

Really Cooking with Robin gives your child the opportunity to discover the significance of cooking while building self-confidence and improving nutritional needs and safety skills.

Feedback from Parents and Teachers:

  • “Robin,  Thank you so much for helping my son learn so many new skills in the safety of your kitchen.  Finally, he is trying new foods without complaint, he is using the kitchen tools much safer, and he is making more of his own meals with healthier ingredients and pizazz!” Much gratitude to you all and best wishes!
  • “During my experience as an aide supporting a child with Autism, I found that Robin was able to effectively modify recipes and the kitchen environment to accommodate the child’s strengths and needs. She was also able to teach a variety of functional skills in the kitchen ranging from safety, to planning meals, to maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle!”
  • Thank you for today. It went so much better than I ever could have imagined. You two definitely enjoy what you do! I just blasted messages to 4 yahoo groups I am a part of, so expect some calls! I’ll send out a note to my autism “friends” (people I know personally) in a minute. I just wanted to take the time to thank you…
  • We have a son with autism and he just started a wonderful series of classes to help with his transition into adulthood. Really Cooking with Robin is in the Friendly’s shopping center and she offers more than just cooking classes. She can do adult and kids’ bday parties, camps and fundraisers, romantic dinners, etc. Corporate meeting events, social cooking events (she has a cool one on tomorrow), she has a consignment shop, she has a store, she has a cookbook library, she has it all (except a liquor license for those of you wondering…! BYOB!). But seriously, I could not believe the patience she had with my son. She was TOTALLY focused on him being safe, learning how to prepare his own meals and healthy ways to eat. He tasted spinach! Then he ate some on his pizza!! If you are not interested, then forward to those who may. She can do typically developing customers in her sleep, but the fact that she welcomes our community goes without saying.  Check out the website. Then go see it for yourself.
  • Ms.  Robin and Mr. Joe,  my  son said his favorite part today was cracking the eggs! Thanks for letting him do all those eggs…  He also said, “and Mr. Joe was looking at me and giving me a thumbs up.” Thanks Mr. Joe!!