Unique Kitchenware & Consignment Shop

The Unique Kitchenware Store

A small part of our cooking studio has been  stocked with new kitchenware items. These items are unique and are used in our classes so the concept is:



The Consignment Shop

We all have gently used kitchen appliances and gadgets that are just collecting dust and taking up space in our cabinets or kitchens.
Why not sell it on consignment??

Consignment means to hand over, or entrust ones goods to a store with the understanding that payment for those goods is only made once the goods are sold. In a nutshell, we sell your stuff for you! We do the work, and you get a check. A great advantage over Ebay or Craigslist – No dealing with shipping, or keeping track of posts, or people with tons of questions who never end up buying! Our Consignment store is also open year round, so you can consign when you’re ready, and stop in to check on your items anytime. Can’t get much easier for a busy Mom or Dad!

Make sure your items are complete, no missing pieces and work properly. Please make sure they’re clean and include any user manuals or guides, if you still have them. Ask yourself this question; “Would I purchase this item if I saw it in the store?” Be honest! If the answer is yes, then it probably has a good chance of selling.

Now pat yourself on the back for doing something really good! First, you’ve cleaned out some clutter, and by consigning, you’ve recycled. Think of all the stuff you just kept out of a landfill, you might make some green for going green…sweet!

Consignment Shop terms:
Once your item is priced, we will start selling your item in the store and online. If your item sells,  you will receive 50%.  After 90 days you will have the option to donate or pick-up your item.  All checks are sent out at the end of the month following the sale. Stop in for more details with your gently used appliances and kitchen gadgets.